Our Concept

© Annette Etges

© Annette Etges

aeWorldwide aims to solve the three following problems simultaneously:

  1. the lacking integration and the dehumanisation of asylum seekers in Germany
  2. the disorientation of students in Germany
  3. the shortage of skilled workers.

Therefore, we bring students and university-educated asylum seekers together.

What we mainly offer:

  • tandems between students and university-educated asylum seekers for an exchange on an equal footing.
  • a regular seminar in the form of an open discussion where all participants and anyone interested can come together to exchange and discuss cultural and academic subjects.

Furthermore we offer:

  • open consultation hours where we offer asylum seekers advice and courses of action – whether that be language correction or providing an understanding of the bureaucracy in Germany.
  • In addition to that we offer coaching sessions for our participants
  • We also engage in mediation and lobbying. We want to make refugees’ voices heard throughout Germany.